We are a team in Chicago offering the cure to boredom by providing everything you need to have fun at your convenience.

We are a team in Chicago that’s focused on curing boredom by delivering fun parties to your home, office or a shoulder of a highway. We’re on a mission to find the activities that you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t gotten to. Why can’t you do it on your own? You could, but you wouldn’t save any money anyway and you’d waste your time researching everything we already researched. Imagine researching what paint sticks to what material, what brand is good for each paint type, where to buy the paint at an affordable price, etc. than wasting gas and time driving around trying to save $0.50. We have researched and tested dozens of ideas, to provide a convenient and stress free experience. Yes, we do love what we do. So you will too.


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Tired of texting, staring at the screen and doing the same old thing every day?

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