Deliver Mine is a mobile cure for your everyday boredom.  We come to your location with all the supplies for a fun and creative event. Whether it’s for a company retreat, birthday party, or just a few ladies getting together for a night of fun and laughs…. we bring you everything you need for a good time. We offer everything from paint-your-own ceramics to seasonal events like gingerbread house kits and pumpkin carving. Browse our extensive menu of “deliverable” events and get the fun started at your next get together.


Every solution begins with a problem… and it all started back in May 2015 when a few friends and I were struggling to get an appointment at a ceramic painting place, where we were crammed together, side by side at a small table where our elbows were touching people we didn’t know. Paint was limited, chairs were dirty and kids were yelling. After our experience, we were told to pick up our painted ceramics in 7 days, which confused us since it should take 30 minutes to glaze the ceramics to perfection. After waiting for 7 days, we were 20 minutes late to pick up our ceramics, so they asked us to come back yet another day, even though we saw our ceramics 10 feet away. Let’s just say that was the last straw for us.


We wanted to create the cure for boredom, by offering hundreds of activities that can be done at your home or office, without learning what is required to do them and having to organize and research what you need and where to get it. We bring the party to you, so you can have fun with the people of your choice without dealing with crowds of people. Life is about being out there, being on your phone less, and unplugging from our electronic devices to have fun with friends, family, and co-workers. After all, it’s the moments we shared together that we cherish and remember years later.